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Ayabie Member Diary Translations


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彩冷える Member Diary Translation Journal

This is a journal dedicated to translations of the member diaries of the band 彩冷える (a.k.a. ayabie).

All translations by lilhobbital and urusai_baba
with additions by satanbitchies and qv27032

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honey_flavor (new, general) good info!
ayabie (old, general)

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Ayabie Official Site

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++ Extra stuff (also in the memories)
(by the way, everything in this small section is translated by qv27032. If you need to contact me, please email me or leave a comment at my journal, since I don't receive emails for comments left here.

(also, I don't care if you use my translation, or if you "credit" me for it. But try to link back to this journal, since I'll only be posting updates here or sometimes, in honey_flavor. I'm too lazy to go outside LJ even though I would like every non-Japanese speaking ayabie fans to gain insight in what they are actually saying. Spread the words... spread the love!)

Ryouhei's leave from ayabie: official comment, member blog entries, & FAQ about his future plans

Expect Rush video (interviews, off-shots, message) translations


Rock and Read interview with Ryouhei

★hevn -shiro hozon ban-:: Aoi / Ryouhei / Takehito / Intetsu
★hevn 017 :: Aoi / Ryouhei / Takehito / Intetsu / ( aoi's column)

合鍵 Aikagi
頭がおかしい Atama ga okashii
蛙と首輪 Kaeru to kubiwa
クロイツカササグシネガイ (kuroitsukasasagushinegai)
しこさほこ Shikosahoko (or officially read as, "shinkon-san Hongkong)
ダウナービューティフルソング Downer beautiful song
猫夜亭 Neko yoru tei


Lastly, feel free to comment if you have any suggestions, comments, questions, corrections, and/or requests~!

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